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National Information & Reports

TRIP National Fact Sheet - March 2014 | 03/14/2013

Harsh Winter Depletes State Maintenance Budgets as Nation Faces Federal Transportation Funding Cuts | 02/27/2014

National Urban Roads News Release | 10/03/2013
Nation's urban roads are increasingly deteriorated, costing drivers as much as $800 each year.....

Urban Roads Report | 10/03/2013
Bumpy Roads Ahead: America's Roughest Rides and Strategies to Make our Roads Smoother

Urban Roads Report Apendices A-D | 10/03/2013
Pavement Conditions and Additional Vehicle Operating Costs for Urban Areas

National Bridge News Release | 05/24/2013
One-fourth of America's bridges are deficient, requiring repair or replacement. Nation's aging, deteriorating bridges will require additional investment to implement needed repairs and improvements.

Older Drivers Media Advisory | 02/22/2012
New report examines older driver safety and fatality rates, offers recommendations to improve safety and mobility among older motorists

Older Drivers News Release | 02/22/2012
Traffic fatalities among older drivers remain disporportionately high; as baby boomers begin to turn 65...........

Older Drivers Report | 02/22/2012
Keeping Baby Boomers Mobile: Preserving the Mobility and Safety of Older Americans

Older Drivers Appendix | 02/22/2012

Rural Roads News Release | 12/20/2011
America's rural roads are deteriorated and insufficient to support economic growth and mobility demands..... | September 1, 2011

Rural Roads Report | 12/20/2011
Rural Connections: Challenges and Opportunities in America's Heartland | September 2011

Rural Roads Report Appendix A | 12/20/2011
Urban Areas with Populations over 50,000 with no Direct Access to Interstates | September 2011

Rural Roads Report Appendix B | 12/20/2011
2009 Rural Non-Interstate Traffic Deaths | September 2011

Rural Roads Report Appendix C | 12/20/2011
2009 Fatality Rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles of Travel | September 2011

Rural Roads Report Appendix D | 12/20/2011
2008 Rural Arterial and Major Collector Pavement Conditions | September 2011

Rural Roads Report Appendix E | 12/20/2011
2010 Rural Bridge Conditions | September 2011

Transportation Headaches News Release | 1/14/2009
Transportation Headaches News Release

America's Top Five Transportation Headaches and Their Remedies | 1/1/2009
America's Top Five Transportation Headaches and Their Remedies

Summer Traffic Bottlenecks News Release | 6/30/2005
Seasonal Bottlenecks Crimp Summer Travel Plans; Congestion Slowing Down Trips to Favorite Vacation Spots for Millions of Americans

Are We There Yet? | 6/1/2005
A Report on Summer Traffic Bottlenecks and Steps Needed to Ensure that Our Favorite Vacation Destinations Remain Accessible

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