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Connecticut Post Front Page | 05/17/2017
Road report spurs toll talk

Connecticut Magazine | 05/16/2017
Connecticut Roads Among the Nation's Worst, But Who Pays to Fix Them?

New Haven WTNH (ABC 8) | 05/16/2017 (PM)
Connecticut drivers are losing money due to poor road conditions

New Haven WTNH (ABC 8) | 05/16/2017 (AM)
New Study shows New Haven drivers are losing about $2,200 dollars a year

News 12 Connecticut (Hartford/New Haven) | 05/16/2017
Report: Road, bridge conditions deteriorating in CT

CBS Connecticut | 05/16/2017
Shoddy Roads Cost State Motorists $6.1B A Year: Report

Connecticut Transportation by the Numbers Broadcasts - May 2017


Connecticut Post Front Page | 11/07/2016
Bridgeport, Stamford-area roads among worst in nation

The Advocate Front Page | 11/07/2016
Report: Area roads among worst in nation

The News-Times Front Page | 11/07/2016
Report: Area roads among worst in nation


Connecticut Post | 06/27/2016
Researchers: Conecticut's interstates, bridges need a tune up

Connecticut Post | 07/02/2016
Report: State's highways, bridges need work

Connecticut News Junkie & New Haven Register | 06/27/2016
Connecticut's Interstates among Most Congested in Country

The Day | 06/27/2016
Report: Connecticut's interstates among nation's busiest

Journal Inquirer | 06/29/2016
National study finds state's bridges, traffic among the worst in country

Hartford Patch | 06/29/2016
Just How Bad are Interstate Roads and Bridges in Connecticut?

Record-Journal | 07/05/2016
Study ranks state highways among the most congested in the nation

The Wilton Bulletin | 07/10/2016
Connecticut highways and bridges among worst in the nation

WFSB (CBS 3) | 06/27/2016
Connecticut's highways, bridges among the most congested, deteriorated in...

WTNH (ABC 8) | 06/28/2016
Connecticut ranks 8th in the nation in highway congestion

WTIC News Talk 1080 | 06/27/2016
Connecticut Interstates among the Nation's Most Congested: Report

WITC-TV (FOX 61) | 06/27/2016
Connecticut stretches of interstate highway among most congested, deteriorated...


The Advocate Front Page | 11/25/2015
Traffic investments can pay off

Hartford Courant Front Page | 11/25/2015
Drivers Pay For Poor State Roads

Connecticut Post Front Page | 11/25/2015
Study: Invest today, save tomorrow

The Register Citizen Front Page | 11/25/2015
State's bumpy roads costing motorists

Record-Journal Front Page | 11/25/2015
Advocates hope state transportation woes will spur spending

The Day Front Page | 11/25/2015
Report: Connecticut drivers losing $5.1 billion annually

Associated Press | 11/24/2015
Report: Connecticut motorists losing $5.1 billion annually
Newsday Republican American The Bristol Press Danbury News-Times
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Seattle Post-Intelligencer San Francisco Chronicle
The Bulletin The Washington Times The Stamford Times (The Hour)
NBC Connecticut CBS Connecticut WAMC Northeast Public Radio
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The Connecticut Mirror | 11/24/2015
Advocates hope CT's transportation woes will spur spending

The Connecticut Mirror | 03/21/2016
Decision on widening I-95 key step in transportation master plan

Hartford Business Journal | 11/25/2015
Poor transportation costs CT residents $5.1B a year

Daily Voice | 11/25/2015
Deficient Roads, Traffic Cost Connecticut Drivers $5.1 Billion Annually

Connecticut News Junkie | 11/24/2015
New Haven Register Sun Times Valley Indenpendent Sentinel US News Hub
The Middlewtown Press

Yale Daily News | 12/01/2015
Traffic costs state $5.1 billion

The Advocate Editorial | 11/29/2015
No more evidence needed about roads

WFSB (CBS 3) | 11/24/2015
Study finds 33% of CT roads are in poor condition

WNPR | 11/24/2015
Aging Road and Bridge Infrastructure Continues to Nag Connecticut in Latest Studies

Connecticut Monitoring Report | 11/24/2015-11/25/2015
Radio and TV Broadcast Coverage


Hartford Courant | 05/19/2015
Report: Connecticut Has Nation's Deadliest Rural Roads

Hartford Courant Editorial | 07/16/2015
Congress Ignores Connecticut's Rural Roads

New Haven Register | 05/19/2015
Connecticut's rural roads rated worst in nation for fatalities
The Middletown Press The Register Citizen

The Register Citizen | 05/19/2015
Report: Connecticut's rural roads have highest fatality rate in US

The Bulletin | 05/23/2015
State's rural roads are unsafe, report says

WTIC-TV (FOX) | 05/19/2015
State ranks highest in rural road fatalities: Report

WTNH (ABC 8) | 05/19/2015
New study ranks Connecticut #1 for rural road fatalities

WFSB (CBS 3) | 05/19/2015
CT rural roads among most dangerous accross the country

WVIT (NBC) | 05/19/2015
Connecticut Home to Some of Nation's Deadliest Rural Roads: Study


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