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CALIFORNIA state news


Modesto Bee Front Page | 10/20/2018
Among mid-sized cities, Modeston roads 20th worst in nation

San Francisco Chronicle Front Page | 10/18/2018
Area's roads rated as worst - Report finds S.F.-Oakland streets are nation's worst...

San Francisco Chronicle | 11/08/2018
10 Northern Californa road and transit projects spared the knife as Prop. 6 goes...

San Francisco Examiner | 10/18/2018
Report: Bay Area roads worst in the nation

San Francisco KNTV NBC Bay Area | 10/18/2018
Bay Area Roads Are Some of Worst in the Country: Report

San Francisco KPIX (CBS 5) | 10/18/2018
Bay Area Roads Worst in the Nation, Report Finds

San Francisco KGO-TV (ABC 7) | 10/17/2018
Bay Area roads are the worst in the nation, new report finds

San Francisco KTVU (FOX 2) | 10/18/2018
Bay Area ranked as having some of the roughest roads in the nation

San Francisco KRON 4 | 10/17/2018
Bay Area roads are among the worst in the US, report says

San Francisco KCBS Radio | 10/18/2018 -
Bay Area: Worst Roads in America

San Francisco SFBay | 10/18/2018
Neglected Bay Area roads deemed worst in nation

Los Angeles KCBS 2 / KCAL 9 | 10/17/2018
LA Roads Among the Worst in the Nation Report Finds

Los Angeles KABC-TV (ABC 7) | 10/17/2018
California cities top list of towns with worst roads in US
-Fresno KFSN-TV (ABC 30)

Los Angeles KNBC (NBC 4) | 10/18/2018
SoCal's Roads Are Rough, and They Might Be Costing Drivers Hundreds of Dollars...

Los Angeles Times | 12/02/2018
Rebuilding crumbling infrastructure has bipartisan support. But who gets to pay...

Los Angeles Daily News | 10/17/2018
Roads in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Anaheim rank 3rd worst in U.S.

Los Angeles KNX 1070 Newsradio | 10/17/2018
New Report Shows Bad Roads are Costing SoCal Motorists Big Money

Los Angeles MyNewsLA.com | 10/17/2018
Major Roads in Los Angeles Area Rank Third Worst in U.S.

LAWestMedia | 10/17/2018
Major Roads in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Anaheim Rank Third Worst in U.S.

Long Beach Post | 10/17/2018
Major roads in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Anaheim rank third worst in U.S...

The Sacramento Bee | 10/17/2018
Sacramento's roadways are in bad shape and getting worse, study says

Sacramento KCRA (NBC 3) | 10/17/2018
Sacramento has 12th worst roads in US, report says

Sacramento Capital Public Radio | 10/17/2018 -
Sacramento Roadways Ranked Among Worst in Nation in TRIP Report

San Mateo Daily Journal | 10/18/2018
Report says Bay Area roads worst in nation

North Bay Bohemian | 10/17/2018
Report: Santa Rosa roadways among worst in nation

Arcadia Patch | 10/17/2018
Guess How Much Bad Roads Cost You, Arcadia Drivers

Cerritos Patch | 10/17/2018
Guess Ho Much Bad Roads Cost You, Cerritos-Artesia Drivers

Campbell Patch | 10/18/2018
San Jose Ranked Second Worst in Road Upkeep per 'TRIP'

Los Alamitos Patch | 10/17/2018
Guess How Much Bad Roads Cost You, LosAl-Seal Beach Drivers

Malibu Patch | 10/17/2018
Guess How Much Bad Roads Cost You, Malibu Drivers

Sherman Oaks Patch | 10/17/2018
Guess How Much Bad Roads Cost You, Sherman Oaks Drivers

The Almanac (Menlo Park-Atherton-Portolla Valley-Woodside) | 10/18/2018
New study reports Bay Area roads are worst in nation

HuffPost | 10/31/2018
Why You Should Keep an Eye on the Effort to Repeal California's Gas Tax

HuffPost | 11/07/2018
California Votes to Keep Gas Tax Hike to Fund Road Repairs


Broadcast News Coverage | August 2018
California Transportation by the Numbers: Meeting the State's Need for Safe, Smooth and Efficient Mobility

Examples of Social Media Activity | August 2018

San Francisco KRON 4 | 08/15/2018
The worst roads in California are in San Francisco, Oakland, study says

San Francisco KNTV (NBC Bay Area) | 08/15/2018
Bay Area Roads Cost Motorists Thousands per Year: Report

San Francisco KPIX (CBS 5) | 08/15/2018
Study: Bay Area Roads Worst in State, Costing Drivers Thoursands Each Year

San Francisco KTVU (FOX 2) | 08/15/2018
Driving on San Francisco, Oakland roads cost drivers $3,000 a year, study says

San Francisco KCBS Radio | 08/15/2018
Study Show Bay Area Roadways Among Worst in the State
Audio 1: - | Audio 2: -

San Francisco SFGATE | 08/15/2018
Bay Area Roadways Among Worst in the State, Study Says

San Francisco SFBay | 08/16/2018
Bumpy Bay Area roads cost drivers thousands

Los Angeles KCBS (CBS2) / KCAL (CBS 9) | 08/15/2018
Bad Roads Cost LA Drivers an Extra $3K per Year, Report Finds

Los Angeles KNBC (NBC 4) | 08/15/2018
LA's Roads are Costing Drivers Thousands of Dollars per Year: Study

Los Angeles KABC-TV (ABC 7) | 08/15/2018
Los Angeles' damaged roads, congested traffic cost average driver nearly $3K per...

Los Angeles 790 KABC Radio| 08/16/2018
LA Roads Safety Questioned by Transportation Research Group
Audio 1: - | Audio 2: -

Los Angeles KNX 1070 Newsradio | 08/15/2018 -
New Study Finds CA Motorists Shelling Out $61 Billion Due to Bad Roads, Traffic

Los Angeles KNX 1070 Newsradio InDepth | 08/15/2018 -

Los Angeles Daily News | 08/15/2018
$3,000 is what LA-area roads cost drives each year

Los Angeles La Opinion | 08/15/2018
El trafico y las calles dañadas cuestan $3,000 al año a cada conductor de Los Angeles, segun informe

Los Angeles MyNewsLA.com | 08/15/2018
Motorists in Los Angeles Take $3,000 Hit Due to Bad Roads, Congestion

LAWestMedia | 08/15/2018
Motorists in Los Angeles Take $3,000 Hit Due to Bad Roads, Congestion

Bakersfield KBAK (CBS) | 08/15/2018
Report: Poor drving conditions cost Bakersfield drivers about $2K every year

Bakersfield KERO (ABC 23) | 08/15/2018
Bakersfield motorists lose nearly $1,800 per year due to roads in poor condition

Sacramento KTXL (FOX 40) | 08/15/2018
Report: Sacramento's Bad, Crowded Roads Cost Drivers $2,200 Annually

Sacramento Bee | 10/11/2018
$700 a year? Less than $10 a month? We analyze how much California's gas tax...
-The Fresno Bee -San Luis Obispo Tribune -Merced Sun-Star -Daily News
-The Eagle -Chicago Tribune -Finger Lakes Times

San Diego Union-Tribune | 08/15/2018
Report: Traffic delays and potholes cost San Diego drivers nealry $2,000 a year

San Diego KFMB-TV (CBS 8) | 08/15/2018
Deficient San Diego roads costing drivers a pretty penny

San Diego KGTV (ABC 10) | 08/15/2018
Study: California's bad roads costing drivers thousands per year

San Diego KNSD (NBC 7) | 08/15/2018
Drivers Pay Nearly $2K Annually Because of San Diego's Deteriorating, Poorly Roads

San Diego Newsradio 600 KOGO | 08/15/2018
Bad Roads Cost San Diegans More than $1,900 Annually

Santa Barbara KEYT-TV (ABC 3) | 08/15/2018
New report says rough roads cost local drivers hundreds each year

San Luis Obispo KSBY (NBC 6) | 08/15/2018 (AM)
New report shows local roadways costing drivers hundreds of dollars annually

San Luis Obispo KSBY (NBC 6) | 08/15/2018 (PM)
Report: Central Coast commuters lose hundreds of dollars due to poor road...

San Luis Obispo Tribune | 08/17/2018
Bad roads are 'beating up your car' - and costing SLO County drivers $1,400...

Palo Alto Weekly | 08/15/2018
Study: Bay Area roadways among worst in the state

Pasadena Star-News | 08/15/2018
$3,000 is what LA-area roads cost drivers each year

Torrance Daily Breeze | 08/15/2018
$3,000 is what LA-area roads cost drivers each year

HuffPost | 11/07/2018
California Votes to Keep Gas Tax Hike to Fund Road Repairs


89.3 KPCC SCPR | 03/15/2018
California's aging driver fatalities are increasing

Lake County Record-Bee | 03/15/2018
California among states with greatest number of accidents involving older drivers


Lake County Record-Bee | 06/27/2017
State's rural roads among worst in nation

The Union Democrat | 06/27/2017
Rough roads ahead for Mother Lode drivers

KPIX-TV (CBS 5) | 06/27/2017
Report: California's Rural Roads in Disrepair and Deadly


The Mercury News | 03/06/2017
Would higher gas tax fill Bay Area's spreading potholes?

San Francisco Chronicle | 03/06/2017
Badly rattled by Oakland's bumpy streets

KNTV NBC Bay Area and KRON 4 | 03/06/2017
Bay Area, California officials push for $6 billion infrastructure bill

San Francisco KGO-TV (ABC 7) | 11/01/2016
Study Finds Bay Area Lead the Nation in Rough Roadways

San Francisco Chronicle | 11/02/2016
Crumbling roads in San Francisco, Oakland ranked worst in nation
-Connecticut Post - News-Times -The Advocate

ROAD/SHOW BY CNET | 11/03/2016
Congratulations, San Francisco: Your roads are the worst in the country

San Francisco KPIX (CBS 5) | 11/01/2016
Bay ARea Roads Top List as Nation's Worst

San Francisco Business Times | 11/04/2016
San Francisco and Oakland have the nation's worst roads, report says

San Jose KNTV (NBC Bay Area) | 11/01/2016
Bay Area Home to Roughest Roads in United States: Report

Temecula Patch | 03/09/2017
Calif. May Soon Be Paying More For Gas, Registration Fees...

East Bay Times | 11/02/2016
Alameda: Construction creating traffic jams, headaches

Los Angeles 89.3 KPCC | 11/01/2016 -
Measure M could help fix LA's rough roads, ranked second worst in the country

La Opinion (Los Angeles) | 11/02/2016
Carreteras de San Francisco y Los Angeles, entre las peores de EEUU
(San Franciso and Los Angeles roads are among the worst in the U.S.)

Los Angeles KCBS-TV (CBS 2) | 11/02/2016
LA's Roads are Second-Worst in Country, Study Says

Univision Noticias | 11/01/2016
The worst roads in the country by potholes and bad paving are found in California

Univision Noticias | 11/09/2016
Better streets and roads in Los Angeles, the promise of the measure approved Tuesday

Curbed Los Angeles | 11/01/2016
Los Angeles has the second-worst roads in the nation

LAist | 11/02/2016
More Than Half of L.A.'s Roads Are In Poor Condition

Newsradio KFBK and Newsradio 600 KOGO | 11-01-2016 -
Worn Out Roads Mean Growing Car Repair Costs, Says New Report

San Diego KSWB-TV (FOX 5) | 11/02/2016
Report: Local roads among roughest in US, cost driverws $700 a year

San Diego XETV (CW 6) | 11/02/2016
Report: San Diego roads, among the worst in the US, cost drivers hundreds

East County Today | 11/03/2016
Study: Concord and Antioch Have Roughest Roads in the Country

From the Atlantic CityLab | 11/03/2016
San Francisco, Oakland have the Worst Raods in the U.S.


LA Weekly | 06/28/2016
California's Crumbling Highways are the Most Traveled in America

KFBK Newsradio | 06/28/2016
California Interstates Most Jammed in U.S., 2nd Highest in Disrepair


Los Angeles KABC-TV (ABC 7) | 05/11/2016
LA Faces Funding Shortage for Transportation Projects, Group Says

Sacramento KTXL (FOX 40) | 05/11/2016
Sacramento Roadways Get a Bad Report Card

Sacramento KCRA (NBC 3) | 05/12/2016
New report shows transportation funding problems in Sacramento

San Diego KNSD (NBC 7) | 05/12/2016
Most Needed Transportation Projects in San Diego Lack Funding: Report

San Francisco Chronicle | 05/11/2016
Lack of funds found to stall key Bay Area transportation projects

Los Angeles Times | 05/12/2016
Here's why the state's shoddy roads won't get fixed any time soon

The Mercury News and East Bay Times | 05/11/2016
Report: Bad roads, public transit top list of Bay Area's most-needed...

Sacramento Business Journal | 05/12/2016
Report highlights lack of funding for Sacramento-area infrastructure projects

The Business Journal | 05/12/2016
Report Amtrak critical for California residents, economy

Central Valley Business Times | 05/12/2016
Transportation lobby calls for rail, highway upgrades in Central Valley

The Sentinel | 05/17/2016
Report: Valley Amtrak service needs upgrade

Ventura County Star | 05/11/2016
Transportation group says Highway 101 widening in Ventura County needed

Elk Grove News | 05/11/2016
Elk Grove's Kammerer Road, Southeast Connector Not Crucial in National Transportation Analysis for Sacramento Region

San Francisco SFist | 05/12/2016
Only Three Out of 20 Major Local Transportation Projects are Fully Funded

Capital Public Radio News | 05/11/2016
Survey: California Road in Poor Condition, Most Projects Not Fully Funded



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